Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I got the laptop to work! I used Linux Mint. The only problem is that it runs very slowly. I going to try Xubuntu on it.

The battle between me and the Sony laptop.

Have you ever tried to push the same poles of two magnets together? Well if you have that's how I feel. One of those magnets is Linux and the other is a old Sony Vaio PCG-XG39. I have so far tried 2 distributions. I have tried openSUSE, Fedorah, and I am as of now trying Linux Mint. I have a fresh CD of Linux Mint burnt (The first one was defective). I did get openSUSE installed but it just hanged there when I booted. The laptop for some reason does not like DVDs so the DVD for Fedora did not work (I did not use a live cd because the laptop is to slow). Well, wish me luck.

Dear Readers

Dear Readers (If I have any left or had any at all),

I am sorry I have not been posting very often. I am planing to do so a lot more!